Where to visit us


               Our B&B is situated 3 km out of GopeshwarChamoli in Garwhal Himalayas. Rishikesh-Srinagar-Ruderprayag-Karanprayag-Chamoli-Gopeshwar Please do not go inside Gopeshwar but instead take a by-pass route towards Ghingran (Tibetian village)

From our house you can easily visit Chopta, Chandershila, Deveriyataal, Tungnath, Auli, Atrimuni caves, Chamoli, Karanprayagetc, Badrinath, Kartik Swami, Joshimat, Ruderprayag, Valley of Flowers besides local Himalayan villages, step farms, Hidden waterfalls with swimming holes, streams etc.


When to visit us

  • Spring :- 
     March-April – During this time our mountains are filled with Rhododendrons and other wild flowers. You see beautifully colored mountains…..the sight is mesmerizing!

  • Summer:- 
    May, June and July – Beautiful time to visit with warm days and cooler night. During this time you can go for a dip to nearby stream with hidden waterfalls and swimming holes.

  • Monsoon :- 
    August and September – Season of waterfalls and greenery….stunning views from our B&B you can spot 12-15 waterfalls. Fruits (peaches, pears, mangoes etc) start to ripe and ready to be eaten.

  • Autumn :-
    October and November – After monsoon our farm and mountains are filled with vegetables and wild flowers. Our oranges and lemons are fully riped. The view is very green and colorful. Time for harvesting.

  • Winters :-
    December, January and February- This is the coldest period with snow peaks around. It is sunny during the day and freezing cold in the nights. (There are no central heating in Himalayas we could provide heater for your stay)