About Us

 Our Team 

In 2005, Bachan Charitable Trust opened a women’s shelter for underprivileged women in remote villages of the Indian Himalayas. We soon realized that providing shelter was not enough to truly make a lasting impact on the livelihoods of these women. Most of the women are young widows, aged between 19 - 25, with children to care for. What they needed was more than housing, the women needed a way to make sustainable income to support their families. 

The duo of mother-daughter  Tulsi Rawat and Poonam Rawat-Hahne  decided to bring all their skills together and create this beautiful authentic Himalayan home-stay  amidst of stunning nature. This was our first towards empowering these ladies. 

We are a team of  6 women looking after our home stay to provide a memorable and comfortable stay in authentic Himalayan style in midst of stunning nature. From the terrace of your rooms you see Trishula peak (7150 mts), Ganges, step farms, quaint villages, water falls, forests and much more

Our home-stay has been build with local raw material  available, furniture and home is designed and build by Poonam and the local workers. Our decoration is what we find locally  here - pine cones, handmade weaved articles by the local artisans, most beautiful door frames which we restored from the old destroyed houses which were destroyed by 2013 natural disaster etc.

We are surrounded by fruit trees, flower gardens, vegetable fields and our own animal shed. We practice organic farming here, you will enjoy fresh organic meals here including organic milk and eggs from our animal shed.

Our home is Eco-friendly using solar panels to heat water, using cow dung to create methane gas and organic farming.

No need to bring mineral water bottles here as our water comes for the next door Palty  gadra a natural  spring source.

Our Objectives

  • To provide livelihood to women by training them as  Home stay care-takers, village guides and in other fields of our travel programs.

  • To introduce the world to our beautiful nature and heritage while protecting it.

  • To keep the local culture and customs alive.

  • To revive local handicraft by providing livelihood to the untouchable handicraft tribes.

  • To educate locals and guests about the responsible travel.

  • To educate the locals about saving the environment by waste management and preserving our fauna & flora.

  • To support youth and women by generating employment opportunities.

  • To support organic farming and provide livelihood to the farmers by buying their produce for our programs.

  • To create a community where everyone is equal and is respected, by creating equal opportunities.

  • To support the local schools and students to have decent education and advice youth on their career decisions.