Peaches & Pears

Himalayan Home-stay


We invite you to experience an authentic Himalayan home stay in your own privacy. Peaches and Pears, because our home-stay is surrounded by the fruit trees peaches, pears, oranges, mangoes, figs, lemons etc.Guests are welcome to help themselves with the fruits.
The days are pleasant with stunning sights of Nanda Devi &Trishul Peaks, the jumping of birds from one tree to another and the graceful glide of the eagle in the sky. At night if you are not around the bonfire, you can see a million stars from your garden. A leopard could be lurking close by, looking for an opportunity to jump on the dog.

We welcome you to our home where you will eat fresh organic home-made food from our garden/fields including vegetables, fruits, rice, wheat, milk, eggs etc. We use solar power to heat water for your convenience and we use Cow dung converted into gas for cooking. We take pride in our steps taken towards for an eco-friendly environment. We are more than happy to show you around and explain how everything works. You can go for many charming walks around the house.
          There is neither television nor phones in the rooms. But there is view from the balcony that no television can compare. The mountain breeze is complimented by swaying of trees and the chirping of birds as in a cosmic orchestra. You will instantaneously wish to return again and again, to the exceptional sunrise, to the warm homely feeling, the stimulating fresh, organic food, the Barbecue and the gushing waterfalls. And of course, a return to your new found friends.
Take a week off from everything.




Our rooms are build and decorated mostly with local available material and of course lot of love.


For You



Breakfast is included in the price. All our meals are homes grown fresh organic food.



You will enjoy beautiful and relaxing spots in our gardens. We love gardening and our garden is always flowing with flowers.

Free Wifi


We have complimentary  wifi for our guests.



We have a beautiful yogashala with stunning views on the majestic Himalayas where you could practice yoga, meditations, Pilates etc

Laundry Service


We provide laundry service


We believe in supporting the locals hence according to your needs local taxis are available.



Home stay
Home stay
Flower maze
Flower maze
Home-stay view
Home-stay view



Nature Discovery

The Himalayas is known for its majestic beauty. Go on nature hikes, discover hidden waterfalls and swimming holes, flower-filled forests, trek to the high peaks, through crystal clear rivers and find yourself secluded in nature. While our treks we organise clean runs to take care of our Himalayas.

Village Program


Part of our NGO work empowering the underprivileged women. Himalayan village experience along with a meal at a widow's home.

Adventure travel

Come trek to the high peaks go through the forests with stunning waterfalls pure fauna and flora. With us you can trek into the wild and camp in the middle of the nature. If rappling under the waterfalls or motorcycling through the unknown excites you, contact us! 

We try our best to leave no carbon footprint behind us. 

The Food

Good food is always an experience – a feast for taste buds and joy from enjoying each other's company during a meal. Come have meals with us. We grow our food organically be it vegetables, fruits, spices, grains, milk or eggs, everything comes from our fields - plus we source some from the local farmers to support them. You will experience fresh authentic Himalayan food when you stay with us.

Handicraft Programs

The untouchable tribes are known for their handicraft skills. You will have an opportunity to learn about Himalayan craft making from these artisans, learn to make your own, or buy directly from these grassroots artisans for an authentic souvenir. Fair trade doesn't get better than this.

Cultural Traditions

This part of Uttrakhand is known as Dev Bhumi meaning land of the gods. As the name describes, there are many spiritual sites to visit and beautiful ancient temples with special energies to discover. Explore vibrant markets where you’ll feel all your senses - take in the aromas, sights, tastes, and sounds.These markets are like treasure hunt! You can find amazing products for almost nothing.

Festivals & Celebrations

There is nothing more exciting than celebrating festivals with the locals. Whether its Holi (festival of colors), Diwali (festival of lights), or a local wedding, there is always something happening here. Yes, we locals love celebrating! And we invite you to be part of it.

Cultural Immersion 

Go through the remote Himalayan villages and immerse yourself in their daily lives. The program takes place in beautiful communities with old stunning houses, animal sheds, fields and happy people. We have 4 different villages where our programs take place - each with its own unique identity. Take a step back in time and let the locals be your guide. The best part is enjoying an authentic Himalayan meal in their home.

Cooking Lessons

Learn to cook with the ladies of our home stay. A typical cooking course begins with a trip to the market where you’ll learn about different spices and local flavors and to the gardens to pick vegetables and herbs before the lessons begin. Bring your skills home to impress your friends and family!

To check our programs in details please visit our Travel experience page

We have created beautiful village, handicraft programs for our guests to have an Himalayan immersion experience by empowering the underprivileged women of the local villages around.


Our Eco-friendly & Responsible Practices

  • Solar Panels for heating water

  • Using Cow dung to create methane for cooking.

  • Practicing Organic farming and sourcing from the local organic farmers.

  • Local underprivileged women trained and hired.

  • Harvesting water to give water the garden.

  • Local community involvement in various handicraft and village programs to generate income for them.

  • Home-stay boutique to showcase local handmade products, providing livelihood to the untouchable artisans tribe.

  • Keeping the local culture and customs alive while protecting it and sharing with our guests.

  • Percentage of our profit goes to the local schools to sponsor furniture, books, pencils etc 

  • Educating the locals about saving the environment by waste management and preserving our fauna & flora.

  • Create a community where everyone is equal and is respected, by creating equal opportunities.

  • We request our guests to switch off lights when not in the room plus throw the garbage in provided dustbins in the room and around the property.

  • We advice our guests to dress up respectfully specially when visiting villages.

Home stay