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                  We invite you to experience an authentic Himalayan home stay in your own privacy. Peaches and Pears, because our B&B is surrounded by the fruit trees peaches, pears, oranges, mangoes, figs, lemons etc.Guests are welcome to help themselves with the fruits.
The days are pleasant with stunning sights of Nanda Devi &Trishul Peaks, the jumping of birds from one tree to another and the graceful glide of the eagle in the sky. At night if you are not around the bonfire, you can see a million stars from your garden. A leopard could be lurking close by, looking for an opportunity to jump on the dog.
          We welcome you to our home where you will eat fresh organic home-made food from our garden/fields including vegetables, fruits, rice, wheat, milk, eggs etc. We use solar power to heat water for your convenience and we use Cow dung converted into gas for cooking. We take pride in our steps taken towards for an eco-friendly environment. We are more than happy to show you around and explain how everything works. You can go for many charming walks around the house.
          There is neither television nor phones in the rooms. But there is view from the balcony that no television can compare. The mountain breeze is complimented by swaying of trees and the chirping of birds as in a cosmic orchestra. You will instantaneously wish to return again and again, to the exceptional sunrise, to the warm homely feeling, the stimulating fresh, organic food, the Bar-b-que and the gushing waterfalls. And of course, a return to your new found friends.
Take a week off from everything.

About Us

We are a Himalayan family from the area aiming to provide our guest the authentic Himalayan experiences along with all the comfort plus fresh Organic food from our gardens. We have social projects for underprivileged women and untouchable tribes in the area. A percentage of our profit goes for our project. We have few village programs where we include underprivileged women and artisans to give you the village experience and to generate an income for the community.

Our team is consist of below ladies and few families around.


Tulsi Rawat (sitting left) A retired Army officer’s wife settling back to her roots after spending all her life in different places to support and promote our locals. You interact with her the most while staying with us. An amazing cook!

Laxmi Ghariya (sitting right) Sister of Mrs Tulsi Rawat a very strong lady who started her life in very humble conditions and now she is supporting locals along with her sister. She will be your guide to the rural life of Garwhal (our village and handicraft programs)

Neelam Ghariya (standing left) Supporting in taking care of the B&B and cooking. She is a mother of two little children besides taking care of her little family she is involved in our projects.

Poonam Rawat-Hahne (standing middle) Responsible for designing, landscaping, bookings and admin tasks. Village and handicraft program initiator.

Rachna Rawat (standing left) Responsible for cleanliness of the rooms, gardens and meals. The sole earner of her family.

Rooms And Rates

1.Bamboo Room (extra big room)

2.Pear Room (Middle room)

3.Peach Room (side room)

Bamboo Room (extra big room)** - ₹2300/-
Peach Room (side room) ** ₹2000/-
Pear Room (middle room)** - ₹2000/-
In winter months if you would like to have a heater please add ₹300 on top per day per room.
Additional person / bed for ₹900/ Breakfast is included in the price
Children below 5 years for free (sharing parent’s bed)
The drivers/helpers/maids are charged ₹500 per day for food and stay.
Note: - 3 more rooms are getting build currently of normal size (₹1200)
**Minimum two days stay.


Additional breakfast can be ordered
Vegetarian meal - ₹300/-
Non-vegetarian meal - ₹400/-
We provide freshly home cooked organic food.
Vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, rice, wheat come from our farm.
The drivers/helpers/maids are charged ₹500 per day for food and stay.
!!! Our rooms are strictly Non Smoking. Please smoke outside the rooms and use the ashtray provided outside for the ash and buds.

Where and When to Visit Us

               Our B&B is situated 3 km out of GopeshwarChamoli in Garwhal Himalayas. From our house you can easily visit Chopta, Deveriyataal, Tungnath, Auli, Atrimuni caves, Chamoli, Karanprayagetc besides local Himalayan villages, step farms, Hidden waterfalls with swimming holes, streams etc. Rishikesh-Srinagar-Ruderprayag-Karanprayag-Chamoli-Gopeshwar Please do not go inside Gopeshwar but instead take a by-pass route towards Ghingran (Tibetian village)

When to visit

 Every year of the time is beautiful to visit:
  • Spring :-
     March-April – During this time our mountains are filled with Rododernes and other wild flowers. You see beautifully coloured mountains…..the sight is mesmerizing!
  • Summer:-
    May, June and July – Beautiful time to visit with warm days and cooler night. During this time you can go for a dip to nearby stream with hidden waterfalls and swimming holes.
  • Monsoon :-
    August and September – Season of waterfalls and greenery….stunning views from our B&B you can spot 12-15 waterfalls. Fruits (peaches, pears, mangoes etc) start to ripe and ready to be eaten.
  • Autumn :-
    October and November – After monsoon our farm and mountains are filled with vegetables and wild flowers. Our oranges and lemons are fully riped. The view is very green and colourful.Time for harvesting.
  • Winters :-
    December, January and February- This is the coldest period with snow peaks around. It is sunny during the day and freezing cold in the nights. (There are no central heating in Himalayas we could provide heater for your stay)


Little Red House

  The best way to experience the culture and nature! Live in one of the houses in the village with views of the snow peaks, river, villages, wild flowers, forests etc It's like watching a picture perfect from your terrace/garden. This village is flanked by rhodendron and oak forest on the left side and step farming terraces on the right side. You can just relax and laze on the roof or terrace/garden sun bathing(with cloths;))or go for one of the pleasant walks nearby to the forest, village or a 2 km walk to the nearby little town to buy some groceries or just eat at local Himalayan restaurants.

     Self-contained House

  • 2 Bedroom, 2 extra bed in living room, Kitchen, bathroom/toilet, garden/terrace
  • Tariff: Weekly price ₹ 6000/
  • Based on 2 person
  • Additional person above 5 years old pay ₹250 per day per person
  • Above price includes fresh towels, sheets, quilt covers and self-contained kitchen with basic requirement.
  • No helper is provided you are expected to leave the house in the condition you find it or additional fee is charged.

Little Red House
c/o Maj B. S. Rawat
Village: Guniyala
Post office: Pokhri
Dist: Chamoli, Uttrakhand

    How to reach Little Red House: -

  Delhi-Rishikesh- Srinagar-Ruderprayag- Pokhri (Guniyala is one village before Pokhri)


   Delhi-Rishikesh- Srinagar-Ruderprayag- Karanprayag- Pokhri (village after Pokhri is Guniyala)


Bachan Women Shelter
Guana Dhar, Near ITI, Ghingran Road, Gopeshwar, District – Chamoli, Uttaranchal, India.


     In India and especially in the villages, women are not treated with the kind of dignity and respect that they deserve. They cannot avail basic facilities like shelter, food education, medical facilities and hygiene, etc. the founder of this women shelter – Mrs. Tulsi Rawat w/o Late Maj. B.S. Rawat, being a native, understood the hardships of the women of the Himalayan mountains in Uttaranchal. These women have been shunned by the society for various reasons. Some are old, widows or orphans.

    The focus is to provide the women a safe shelter, care, medical attention and a supportive environment to enable them to recover and to take responsibility of their lives and society again.

Target People:
     All women who have been left alone to suffer and/or are not treated well e.g.: widows, old women, girl child, etc.

Facilities provided:

  • Hygienic and comfortable accommodation.
  • Healthy food.
  • Provide vocational training to women like – tailoring, cooking, administrative studies, stitching, gardening, handicraft, social work etc.
  • Raise a girl child, provide her good education, vocational training and help her marry a suitable match.
  • Promote Village tourism – guesthouse supported by the women of the Bachan Women Shelter.

   Right now we have the capacity to provide food and shelter to the 12 women and have tie up with other institutes to provide vocational training to the women of our shelter.

  • Expand and provide shelter to more women
  • Open training institutes
  • Vocational schools
  • School for women and poor children

Himalayan village program

    We offer our customers to experience Himalayan village program where they see the local life from close. You experience our everyday life, speak to different villagers, it’s a culture exchange.
You will be visiting the local artisans too where you will see the whole process of utilizing the local raw material taking a shape of a beautiful Handicraft object.
You will have the opportunity to try your hand in these handicrafts too.

This is a joint initiative of “Bachan Women Shelter and Celeste – Handmade Ethical Trade” to support the underprivileged women by empowering them.
A decent income is generated for these families via our program plus our profit goes to the project “Bachan Women Training Centre”. Our aim is for you to appreciate and experience real authentic Himalayan life while respecting culture, tradition and villager’s privacy. Villagers are happy for you to participate in their everyday life. In this program you will be staying in a comfortable home stay “Peaches and Pears Himalaya Homestay” and will help the family in everyday chores while learning more about the local cuisine, fauna, flora, local art, culture etc

Please contact us for information.

Contact Us

Ghingran Road Rauli GoeshwarChamoli GarwhalUttrakhand
Ph- 01372-253664